About Products Warranty

Allccessory shall ensure that all items are of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. Properties and specification of any delivered item shall be according to the product information provided in Allccessory mail order catalogues and on the Allccessory webpage (www.allccessory.com).

Allccessory provides a year warranty on all new electronics. The guarantee period commences at the delivery date.

In the case of the delivered item being faulty or damaged, Allccessory shall either repair the item or provide the Consumer with a replacement item. If Allccessory is unable to repair a faulty item, or provide the Consumer with a replacement item, the Consumer shall be entitled to ask for a reduction of the purchase price, or cancel the order. However, the right to cancel does not apply in the case of minor item faults.

Warranties provided by Allccessory only apply to single items. Warranties for aggregates of items require a mutual agreement between Allccessory and the Consumer at the time of purchase.

Allccessory shall only grant claims in cases in which damage or fault to an item has not been the result of inappropriate handling or overuse by the Consumer.

Allccessory receiving a returned item in conjunction with a claim does not automatically constitute Allccessory accepting the claim.

Allccessory shall not be liable for claims in conjunction with warranties provided by item manufacturers and other third parties at the time of purchase. Consumers wishing to make a claim need to contact the manufacturer of the item directly.